Clinical Herbalist

Ryan Sian

Rylan was raised in the rural Carolina swamplands by strong Southern women. He went to school for Communication, Psychology, and Medicine in both Virginia and California, always searching for ways to best serve his community. He spent a decade working in patient advocacy and healthcare management, a skillset he carries into clinical practice today alongside an ancestral gift for healing. As a queer person, Rylan has spent most of his adult life doing community organization within LGBTQ+ spaces, most specifically bringing healthcare access to online gaming groups here in the Bay Area. Rylan is also a lifelong practitioner of indigenous Celtic spirituality, and finds great balance weaving this more esoteric lens in with his well rooted scientific background. He is always seeking to create relationships between people and the deep healing that can be found in nature while navigating the complex and conventional world we live in.

Rylan is the owner of North Wind Apothecary in San Francisco, and has been studying, practicing, and teaching Western Herbal Medicine since 2012. As a strong advocate of local biome and ancestral remedies, Rylan focuses on sustainability and de-colonization, as well as progressive medical advancement.