Module 1: Intermediate Western Herbalism • Sept 2023 - Jan 2024

An Integrative Program focusing on herbal energetics, tongue assessment, and advanced medicine making techniques.

This year's course is in full-swing. Contact us to be put on the waiting list for the 2024 course beginning next September.

Understanding herbal energetics and learning assessment tools is key to becoming a proficient community or clinical herbalist, as is botany, nutrition, pathophysiology and case studies. This Module focuses on understanding herbal energetics, a primer of tissue states and elemental theory, tongue assessment as well as advanced medicine making techniques.

Drawing from the expertise and experience of a well-rounded faculty, with many years of clinical and teaching experience, the goal of this intermediate-level course is to go beyond “the basics” to put your knowledge of plant medicine to practical use, expanding on what you've learned in a beginning-level program.

Class begins on September 11th and meets every Monday evening in addition to several weekend intensives. Students have the option of joining us live in the classroom on Monday evenings or joining virtually. Weekend intensives are in-person, hands-on classes held at our field campus in Petaluma.  

Students who complete this Module will receive instruction in the following areas:

  • Herbal Energetics & Tissue States
  • Tongue Diagnosis Skills
  • Advanced Medicine Making Techniques
  • Phytochemistry Review
  • Herbal Formulation Techniques
  • Introduction to Case Studies/Practicum

This is the first of two Modules in the Intermediate-Level Program.  Completion of both Modules is required for Certification. Module 2 focuses on herbal therapeutics and case studies as well as a primer in nutritional supplements and dietary trends. 

Together, this is a year-long, 300-hour Intermediate Program in Western Herbalism, designed for students who wish to become clinical herbalists -or- desire a deeper working knowledge of creating effective herbal formulations. More information on our instructors can be found here.

Requirements:  Completion of a comprehensive beginning-level Western Herbal program with basic medicine making knowledge as well as a working knowledge of our Western materia medica.  Please contact Cheryl Fromholzer at 415-524-8693 prior to registering to make sure you meet the minimum requirements.  The Intermediate Program is designed for students who wish to become clinical herbalists -or- desire a deeper working knowledge of creating effective herbal formulations.

Tuition:  Module 1 is $1,500 with a non-refundable deposit of $600 due upon registration.  Module 2 is $2,500.  Payment plans are available.

Contact:  Cheryl Fromholzer at 415-524-8693.

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