Module 2: Intermediate Western Herbalism: Jan - Aug 2024

An Integrative Program focusing on the art of formulation, case studies and continued tongue and facial assessment.

Understanding herbal energetics and learning assessment techniques is key to becoming a proficient community or clinical herbalist, as is botany, nutrition, pathophysiology and case studies. This module focuses on the art of formulation based on herbal actions and energetics as well as constitutional theory. We will review each body system with a focus on clinical therapeutics and conduct case reviews based on case studies supplied by the instructors. Completion of Module 1 is required before registering for this Module.

Drawing from the expertise and experience of a well-rounded faculty, with many years of clinical and teaching experience, the goal of this module is to further your understanding of the human body, what happens not just physiologically. but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually when imbalance occurs, and how to address those concerns using a holistic approach including herbal medicine, nutrition. nutritional supplements and healthy lifestyle practices. A 4-part series on major nutrients and their importance in health will be explored as well as current dietary trends. This is a well-rounded program covering significant factors necessary to build your skills in becoming a competent herbalist in your community.  In 2025, we plan to roll out our Advanced Clinical Program to provide students with a Certificate in Clinical Herbalism.  More information on that program is forthcoming.

Class begins on January 8th and meets every Monday evening in addition to several weekend days. Students have the option of joining us live in the classroom on Monday evenings or joining virtually.  

Requirements:  Completion of Module 1

Tuition:  The cost of this Module 2 is $2,500.  Approval by Cheryl Fromholzer is required prior to registration.  Please contact her at 415-524-8693.

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It is recommended that each student build a good herbal reference library. Suggestions will be offered throughout the course on recommended books.


Teachers for this program will be Cheryl Fromholzer, Rylan Sian, Whitney Lares, Kia Sanford and guest teacher Margi Flint. For a complete list of Core Faculty and Guest Teachers, please visit: Faculty Listing